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Rock Lake Relaxation

Recently, my husband Bob and I went on a short daytrip to Rock Lake, about ten miles west of our home in Wheatland, Wyoming. It was a lovely day, partly cloudy, warm, and balmy. Bob fished on the lakeshore for awhile, while I went on a walk to revel in the beautiful views of the Laramie Peak Mountains off in the distance. I took some good photographs, and combined with pictures I had taken on another daytrip during summer of 2020, I made an interesting video to share with my followers on Brighteon, Rumble, and YouTube. It is my hope that they will benefit from taking a few moments from their busy schedules to stop and view the images that I captured. I renew my spirit through my brief escapes into the natural world. Wyoming is a wonderful place to contemplate the wide open spaces that surround me. My worldly concerns are put into perspective when I realize how magnificent God's creation really is!

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