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Empty Doorways

My third assignment for my Drawing III class during Spring semester of 2019 was called: Large Scale/Small Scale. I created a large scale 4' X 6' drawing called Empty Doorways, based on a collage of several of my photographs. I portrayed several images from Ars Poetica, a poem by Archibald MacLeish: a bird, a doorway, a globed fruit, a maple leaf, a medallion, and the moon. The drawing conveys a surreal atmosphere that provides the viewer with a glimpse of a world beyond our own. My small drawings are contained within this composition: the pears and the maple leaf in the lower foreground of the picture. The image above Empty Doorways is a close-up of my maple leaf, and the image below Empty Doorways is a close-up of my globed fruit; each of the small scale drawings are 4" X 4".

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